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Short-term rehabilitation. The transitional care that helps you return home sooner.

Transitional care and short-term rehabilitation services from Benedictine Health System mean whole-person focused care. After hospitalization for major surgery, significant injury or emergency trauma, you’ll find our short-term post-acute care speeds your body’s recovery. And as you heal, our staff – with kindness and support – actively encourage your return to strength, while giving you access to the most innovative short-term, post-acute care in the area.

Objective: Recover independence.

We rehabilitate individuals so they can function again with little to no assistance:
• Move confidently.
• Communicate effectively.
• Self-manage dressing, eating and personal hygiene.

Available care

Compassionate, professional care is offered in advancing levels to meet your individual needs:

Outpatient Rehabilitation. Services after surgery, injury or trauma – when residency isn’t required – can be delivered in daily or weekly sessions in our person-focused therapy centers.

Inpatient Short-Term Rehabilitation. More complex medical issues, such as stroke or traumatic injury, often require inpatient treatment in a fully equipped rehabilitation setting.

Short-term rehab services include:

  • Physical, occupational and speech therapies
  • Strength, flexibility and endurance development
  • Family support that integrates the family into each resident’s plan of care
  • Professional, caring staff that includes therapists and other qualified caregivers

To find short-term rehabilitation location within the Benedictine Health System, visit our locations page, or fill out the form below for more information. 

Benedictine Concierge Care Program

Benedictine Health System has recently launched its first ever readmission reduction program, powered by GoMo Health to help ensure a better patient recuperation and recovery path, upon discharge. The Benedictine Concierge Care® program is designed to support patients, family members and caregivers by improving transitional care services in the home and reinforcing care plan compliance.

Benedictine Health Center at Innsbruck and St. Gertrude’s Health & Rehabilitation Center, are part of a three-month pilot to test and implement this program for chronic conditions that include CHF, COPD, chronic joint care, sepsis and diabetes.

This exclusive program delivers the following resources directly to patients and their caregivers' mobile devices via text message or email inbox:

• Reminders for appointment follow up and prescription refills
• Condition-specific information to provide rehabilitation support in the home
• Healthy living, lifestyle and wellness education
• The same personalized attention patients received as an inpatient

How it Works
As a patient is discharged to home or another care setting, the discharge planner helps enroll patients and their caregivers into the program. Once enrolled, the rest is automatic. Based on the patient discharge date and conditions, participants will receive one text or email message a day for the first week after discharge. After the first week, they will begin to receive three texts or email messages per week for the next three months, some containing links to web pages with additional educational information.

It is Benedictine Health System’s goal to empower patients and their caregivers with the information, tools and resources they need to transition to a home setting. We want every BHS patient to be successful in their recovery and avoid re-hospitalization and emergency room visits. 

To learn more about the program, please call fill out the "Get in Touch" form below.


Short-term rehab: A closer look 
Specialized short-stay care after surgery, injury or illness.

When is short-term rehab needed?
The involvement of a multi-skilled team is key to successful recovery.